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Partitions: Impact resistant, Acoustic rated, Steel Stud and Plasterboard

Steel Stud Partitions: Steel studs can be used with aluminium head track, door jam and aluminium skirting or without. They can be load or non-load bearing walls for all Commercial applications.

Plasterboard Partitions: Plasterboard Partitions are a good idea when it comes to keep your discussions in your office. With Plasterboard and Acoustic Insulation your conversations will be kept Private.

Fire Rated Wall Partition: Partitions are very versatile when it comes to different uses. To Fire Rate a series of Walls, Baffles, Bulk Heads and Ceilings it is extremely inexpensive to do so.


Impact Resistant: We use a variety of systems for heavy use commercial areas, such as schools, hospitals, retail etc.

Curved Partitions: Curved Partitions can give your office a professional presentation and looks good behind your receptions desk. These Partitions can only be curved with the steal stud and Plasterboard system.

Dry Wall Partitions

Dry Wall Partitions